Second Wind Dream
“To fulfill the dream of those living in elderly care homes as well as independently in the society thereby enhancing their quality of life and improving the perception of aging.”

Till date 150 wishes have been fulfilled.

Dreams are generally of following types:
Travel dream....“ I want to Go to .......”
Gift dream......“ I want to have.......“
Celebrity dream ......“ I want to meet......“
Occupational dream.....“ I want to play.....“
Mangala Deshpande’s dream to have a 2-in-1 radio & a tape recorder was fulfilled.
Hirabai Nimbalkar , 75 years, wished to have a green colour sari as green was her favourite colour . Our volunteer gifted her with it . She wore it and also posed happily for our camera !
The dream of Kamal Zinture,
Of having her own suitcase was fulfilled .
Smt. Nalini Makasare from St. John Old Age Home , is69 years.
Malatibai Sonkamble from St. John Old Age Home, is 69 years. She loved listening to music and her dream was to have a 2 in 1 tape recorder.
Smt. Sushila S. Dighe from Maharshi Karve Mahila Vrushashram, is 94 years old & still young at heart and full of life ! She dreamed to have ‘Sarth Gyaneshwari’. Her dream was fulfilled by the foundation.