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Grant A Wish
Who is a eligible Child?
  Any child between age group of 3-18 years who is suffering from a life threatening diseases (determined by a medical professional) is eligible.
Who can make a request?
  Parents, legal guardians or a physician can make request.
How can I request a wish?
To be a part of Grant A Wish, all parents must submit a completed application for the child . These forms can be obtained from a social worker in your hospital or from a medical professional or Grant A Smile Foundation of India office / volunteers.
How are wishes granted?
A volunteer or a team of volunteers co-ordinate the wish. After explaining the purpose of Grant A Wish and medical eligibility formalities being completed, volunteers try to get close to the child and try to identify the child’s wish. If the child’s physician determines that the identified wish can be fulfilled safely, the wish team goes ahead in bringing that million-dollar smile on the child’s face.
Does the family have to pay?
No! All the expenses including travel are fully taken care by the foundation. Foundation's basic aim is to give happiness to the child and his family.
Is only the child included in the wish?
  No! We try to make efforts that at least the immediate family is included wherever possible.
Second Wind Dream
What is Second Wind Dreams?
Second Wind Dreams is a globally operating dream fulfilling organisation. It aims at enhancing the quality of life of the Senior Citizens in old age homes as well as independently staying in societies by fulfilling their dreams and improving their perception of ageing.
How was Second Wind Dreams started?
  Second Wind Dreams is a Non-Profit-Organisation based in Georgia, USA. It was established in 1998 with the above mentioned objective.
Who is eligible for a dream?
  Any Senior Citizen in an old age home is eligible for a dream. We do not differentiate between the social and economic status of the person or his/her race or religion.
How are dreams fulfilled?
Our volunteers visit various old age homes. Once they identify the dream, the dream weaver’s then get down to actually creating the magic for the Senior Citizens.
Is there a financial limit to the dream? Who bears the expenses?
There is no financial limit to the dream. The dream is limited only by the person's imagination. Any dream is fulfilled as long as it is not detrimental to the health of the Senior Citizen. Second Wind Dreams bears all the expenses involved in making the dreams come true.
Rainbow Home
What is Rainbow Home?
Rainbow Home is a respite heaven (luxurious house in a peaceful, nature loving and somewhat rural surroundings) for the children with a life threatening condition. Its basic aim is to give children and their families a temporary “escape” from the stress of routine medical treatment. Rainbow Home offers practical and emotional non-medical support. It is carefully designed to provide a relaxing and comfortable environment, so the families can spend quality time together for a period of 3 days in a year. It is well equipped with a kitchen, an independent family room, an activity room, (A playroom with games for younger children, modern technology for older children and a library for the family), a playground and swimming pool facilities. The entire Rainbow Home is a non-smoking area. The food is vegetarian, homemade and wholesome. Staff/Volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds/experiences and their personal skills help enhance the child's experience. They all have a sense of humor.
Who is eligible?
A family, who has a child or young person up to age of 18 years, having been determined by a physician to have life threatening medical condition, is eligible. The child should not be confined to a wheel chair, should not be in need of medical assistance. Recently this facility is extended for senior citizens also.
How do you apply?
To participate in Rainbow Home, parents must submit a completed application for the child. These forms can be obtained from a social worker or from the physician in your hospital. They are also available with the Grant A Smile Foundation of India office or their volunteers. Social workers, parents, legal guardians or a medical professional can make requests.
Does the family have to pay?
No! We do not require payment for services. All the care is free. Only the transportation (To & Fro) has to be borne by the family.
What is the duration of the stay?
At a time 2 families can stay up to 3 days each, in a year in Rainbow Home.

This will be offered on a first come first served basis, depending upon the availability. Priority will be given to families who have not used Rainbow Home earlier.
Who can accompany the child?
Rainbow Home restricts occupancy to immediate family members only. Immediate family includes the child, his brothers/sisters and parents or guardians.
Is any medical care provided?
No! Rainbow Home provides practical and emotional support and does not help with nursing duties or the administration of the medicines. Parents should carry the required medicines and look after the administration of the same.
Where is Rainbow Home located?
Rainbow Home is situated around 10 Kms. [15-20 minutes] from Pune University Circle, in a nature friendly environment of Wakad [near Kalewadi Chowk] and is easily within the reach of many interesting places, including Appu Ghar, Boating Club, Balewadi Sports Stadium, etc.
What does the stay at Rainbow Home consists of?
Depending upon the child’s and sibling's hobbies and interests, a variety of activities, like in-house events, outdoor visits, entertainment programs, parties as well as a surprise event forms the major part of a family's stay. Families can relax, talk to someone or just be by themselves.